Your memories, well-crafted.

Easily combine photos and videos to create beautiful, simple memorial pages. Collaborate, add playlists and share private or public pages crafted with care.

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      Share your photos and videos your way

      You control who can access your Mementum story. Share your photos and videos in public, or provide private access to friends and family.


      Mementum allows you to collaborate with friends and family to gather photos and videos. You can provide secure access that allows people to upload directly to the app for your review. You’ll gather all the memories of your loved ones in one place, while still maintaining control of the Mementum story.

      Optimize and Enhance

      The Mementum Media Engine™ automatically converts and optimizes your photos and videos so your stories play seamlessly on all devices and browsers.

      You can also enhance your photos bring older photos back to life, or improve the quality of your photos, making them look brighter, sharper, and more vibrant.

      Add Music

      Build out the experience by connecting a Spotify playlist, with more playlist options coming soon.

      Edit, Reorder, Randomize

      Unlike other options your Mementum is not an exported video, so you can easily add, edit, organize and randomize content without having to re-export every time you make a change.

      Why we’re building Mementum

      A few months ago dear friends of ours tragically lost their son. We were asked us to create a site to host an entire lifetime of photos and videos.

      In our current digital age when a loved one passes they leave behind them a trail of digital fragments, and our rituals more and more revolve around the gathering and displaying these fragments online. Yet, to our surprise there were no options that allowed us to create large collections, transition smoothly between photos and videos or even randomize the playback.

      Since then we have added automatic photo and video conversion and enhancement, collaboration tools and private sharing options to protect your memories.

      Our goal was to build Mementum with the care that all of your memories deserve.